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   Pickwick and Wilson Lake are some of the hottest bass fishing destinations in the United States. It has long been known for its phenominal spring and fall smallmouth fishing. After the healthy growth of aquatic vegetation over the years, the largemouth and smallmouth population growth has made for year-round phenomenal fishing. As great as the fishing is, it can still be hard to figure out the pieces of the puzzle to put together a succesful fishing trip. I offer trips on Pickwick and Wilson Lake using the knowledge I have acquired over the past 11 years to put you on the fish. Contact me to book your trip today!

Trip Prices(1 to 2 passengers)

All rods and tackle are supplied on your trip. Also will have plenty of water on ice on your trip. Any soft drinks and snacks are up to you since everyone has different preferences.

4hr trip-$400

6hr trip-$450

8hr trip-$500

An extra $100 is added if a third person is required


   Electronics have drastically improved over time in the fishing industry. With all the new technology on hand comes a lot of need for interpretation. To completely understand what you are looking at on the screen take hours and hours of idling around adjusting settings on the unit and then fishing what you think is bass. The average fisherman only gets to fish a couple of days a week or less, and wants to spend that time catching fish, not driving around scanning wondering what they are looking at on their electronics. Let me use the knowledge I have gained over countless hours of using these electronics to find schools and catch the fish living in those schools. I offer on the water trips in your boat or mine to help you better understand how to use these tools to help you find and catch more fish. Contact me today to book your trip!  


Trip Prices

2hr sonar setup- $200

4hr sonar setup- $400

8hr sonar/fishing- $600

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